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When I was 19 and lived in Abilene, I was friends with this guy named Sam. He was in the Air Force but worked part-time at Pizza Hut, which was where I worked. For a while, once a week, we'd hang out at his house, drink beers and watch live Metallica from the Binge & Purge box set.

I'm sitting here now, 17 years later, watching this Quebec Magnetic Blu-Ray and it reminded me of that guy. He was such a smart-ass and we were always so rude to each other, which was awesome because I never had to pussyfoot around him. It seemed like people were so easily butt-hurt all the time, and I could tell him to STFU if I wanted without having worry about him getting offended.

I used to make extra pizzas and he'd sneak them off to the local rock station DJ, who would in turn give us all kinds of free shit. T-shirts, stickers, CD's... Sometimes albums that weren't even officially out yet. I got Down's first CD that way. And Motörhead's album Sacrifice, which I still love.

Anyway, yeah, this performance is pretty good. Dudes are getting old but still putting on great shows.

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