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5 July 1976
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My little sister's first words ever were "Shut up, Josh." Well, it sounded more like, "Shup, Doss." So anyway, that's what I thought of when I was creating my LJ username. I usually go by "Brains For Dinner" online, and I kinda wish I had chosen that one for LJ instead, but someone else used that name for their LJ, and they haven't posted anything since November 4th, 2001. The content of that entry is, "I feel weak...need sugar." On their profile, it says they were born in 1895, which would make them really old. I dunno, maybe I could change my name to one with underscores like my e-mail address.

I grew up mostly in Houston, Texas, but have moved all over. My wife and I are currently living in Ogallala, Nebraska. We travel because of work, but I'm hoping to end up in Texas again soon. I'm a geeky dude who just hit his 30's. I never seemed to grow out of the things I enjoyed as a kid: comics, cartoons, video games, heavy metal music, etc. Basically, I'm a kid in a grown man's body.

I've kept this LJ account for years, but unfortunately, because of the kind of work I am in right now and the long hours it requires of me, I hardly ever have the time or energy to post. Eventually, I'll have more free time and will post an (at least nearly) a daily basis like I used to.

Lori and Josh
Me and my wife, Lori (laurel714)
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